Do you write and record your own music (not covers)?

We’re looking for artists and bands with their own music and/or music videos who are not under contract, and that want to make it in the music world.  Our dedicated team can help you do this.

These services include for £225:

  • Adding your track to our web site,
  • Adding your video to our YouTube channel
  • Promotion on our Twitter feed.
  • Promote the video to over 40 million music fans until it goes viral

For an extra £175 we will:

  • Pitch it to over 5000 world wide radio stations
  • Pitch it to over 1000 music managers
  • Send it to over 2000 DJs to use
  • Send it to over 5000 music bloggers
  • Much much more…

Basically we will give you the sort of exposure you need to help you move your music career forwards. Extras kick in after the track has received enough exposure (usually 45-60 days) however then need to be ordered with the original package as the background work needs to be started and in place ready.

Virtually Zero Risk Trial

For a short time, we are offering a special trial offer where you can choose which package you want and pay just 10% deposit (non refundable) to test our services for yourself. after 28 days you can choose to cancel or continue.  Simple.  Just let us know. If you cancel we will stop all promotion.  If you decide to stay just pay the balance and we will continue.

* Prices are per track.
** Although, we can give the services that we offer, we can not guarantee record contracts or gigs
*** The extras don’t start until track is running and viral, usually 45-60 days from going live.  This service needs paying for as a complete order


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