Add Your Music Video To Our Channel

Add Your Music Video To Our YouTube Channel

How would you like to add your music video to our YouTube channel?

We’re working on building our YouTube Channel to be an asset to our members. With over 1/4 million visits in the past couple of weeks alone, we’re building it into a good music platform for our members.

If you would like your video putting on our channel get in touch.

Our terms.

  • Send us the video, or a link where we can download it.  Include its title, and any description, add any links to your own marketing here (we will add our own bit onto the description).
  • We reserve the right to add our pop up watermark on the video (this is only viewable for a few seconds but helps combat piracy).
  • Ensure you own the copyright of what you are sending us, and include any licencing agreements. If any claim for piracy shows on our account, we will dispute it once and send you the details. If it isn’t resolved, we will remove the video.
  • When the video is successfully on our channel, we will send you the link for you to share as you want to.
  • We will share the video on our website and social media platforms.
  • Monetisation; We will add monetisation to the video. We won’t charge you any money upfront for our services, so we reserve the right to cover our expenses from this by retaining the first £100 of money the video earns. Any earnings the video makes from then will be split between us and you on a 50:50 basis every three months. We will use a percentage of any monies we earn to promote your video further to advance the viewing figures.


If you don’t have a video, we can help you make one, so get in touch…


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